Water Crises in Quetta !

Snapshot 1 water crises in quetta !

The capital of Balochistan (Quetta) faces scarcity of water since a long time. The masses don’t have water for drinking & domestic usage. The Water & Sanitation Authority (WASA) Quetta totally failed to provide water and have no future road map for it. Most of the local tube well are dysfunctional due to unavailability of funds. According to WASA officials that there are more than 2500 government & private tube well functioned in the city. And, the daily water consumption necessity is 94%.So, its very difficult to fulfill the demands of masses. On the other side, the surface area of water is going down which is alarming situation for our coming days.

Following are the said suggestions for solving the water shortage problem in Quetta! First….. Government should allocate huge amount of fund for the water sector in the annual budget.

Second: Strict action should be taken against private tanker mafias who are involved in irregularities of water consumption.

Third: Government must design newly water sector policy & department. Fourth, Government should build new action dams on immediate basis in order to save the water.


Coronavirus: Quetta- Pakistan on lockdown after deadly virus outbreak !

Quetta, capital of Balochistan, with a population almost 3 millions is facing the severe challenge of deadly virus COVID-19. The city is on lockdown situation since last two weeks.It is now sealed off from other parts of the country. There is no movement of peoople inside and outside city. Social life of people completely disrupted. The shopping malls, and bazar’s main markets are closed. Majority of people started quarantine themselves at homes but at the same time government has established three quarantine centers at different location. The people who entered from Taftan Iran border, kept in these isolation centers. On the other hands, Pakistan’s total cases of coronavirus crossed over 12,00.

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Green Balochistan Tree Plantation Successfully Ends !


Green Balochistan Organization; a community based volunteer group planted trees in different areas of the province for the protection of climate.

According to the organization’s spoke person that campaign started from mid-February till 30th of March, 2020 and it was consisting of two phases. In the first phase, a group of volunteer record awareness messages on social media platform such as Facebook with hash tag “#GreenBalochistan #Tree #Plantation #Campaign_2020” and also distributed pamphlets on the public places such as shopping malls, religious places masjid, and church etc.

In the second phase of the campaign, volunteers planted in different locations (schools, graveyards and street locality) of the province.

According to organizations founder that “we had started this campaign in 2018 and since then, we have been planting tress every year. Till now, we have planted more than 2,000 trees at different areas of the province. The main objectives and goals of this campaign were very clear; “our main focus is educating people to at least plant one tree in your locality, because in this whole campaign, we urged on written and oral messages about the importance of planting trees and recent challenges of climate change in the world specifically in Balochistan, is facing severe climate changes which resulted into polluted air and shortage of water in the province”.

While talking to community and media persons, he added that it was an initiative led and supported by community volunteers, to aware public about the emerging issue of global warming specifically Balochistan, which is the poorest & largest province of Pakistan is facing the severe climate change challenges in terms of drought, flood, deforestation, water shortage, and degradation of agriculture, livestock problems these days. These environmental challenges and problems badly affected the province in various ways. First, the reduced rainfall in winter & moon soon season brought drought situation in most of the district of Baluchistan. Second; the environmental changes also made socio-economic situation worst. The province’s major economy is agriculture and livestock which disrupted by floods & long spell of drought in the province. In the same way, such hazardous situation created more issues for the people like poverty, scarcity of water health, food insecurity and malnutrition etc.

In context of democracy and human rights, climate change is a real challenge in the way of socio-economic development of a nation. In this regard, according to Global Climate Risk Index report 2018, Pakistan was ranked on 8th by most affected by climate change in last two decades. Specially, Baluchistan affected the most by these changes and it disrupted the social and economic life of people. While achieving the target of SDG 13 (safety of healthy environment & protection) goal of UN, government of Balochistan needs a policy intervention at provincial level.

In the final remarks, the volunteer leader said that its responsibility of every citizen to take part in community work and serve humanity. He hoped that next year, we will involve more community people and plant more trees in order to save our environment.